Take the stress out of travelling through Cumbria with kids and dogs

A long car journey with children and/or dogs can make you ask yourself the questions, “is it really worth it?” And “I thought this was supposed to be a holiday?”

Scotland is magical country, diverse and with so much to offer. Everyone should visit at least once and the further north in Scotland you go, the more rewarding it is. But for those living in the Midlands or the south of the UK, Scotland is a mammoth journey. Yes there is always flying or the train but with children, copious amounts of luggage and possibly a dog, a car is the most practical method of transport.

dog friendly hotel cumbria

Through careful planning of a journey, looking at the best places to stop on route, not doing too many miles in one day or scheduling a journey so as to travel when the roads are quieter, can significantly lower the stress of a long car journey and enable families to take their brood that bit further away and open up even more places to visit on holiday.

But the other great thing about Scotland is its border with Cumbria and the Lake District. A long journey up to Scotland could also mean spending a couple or a few days in the Lake District too giving everyone the best of both worlds. We’ve heard fantastic reports on the Tebay Services Hotel. It is on the M6 motorway between Kendal and Penrith and makes an ideal place to stop either just as a one night stopover to break a journey up or to stay for a couple of days and visit the Lake District on the way up to or back from Scotland.

penrith m6 motorway hotel

The hotel is very family friendly for starters as well as dog friendly and even if it’s just a quick night stopover, the grounds are great for walking around both for dogs and to help entertain children and the restaurant sounds fab too that serves their own reared lamb and beef. But to top it all off, there is the Tebay Services. You can buy supplies for both humans and dogs as well as toys and gifts and great local Cumbria produce from the services.

Breaking up a journey in this way can significantly add to the enjoyment of a holiday, allow the family to see even more of the UK and take the stress out of a long car journey.

All the info on the Tebay Services Motorway Services Hotel can be found on their website including location and availability.

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